3 Months Of Singing Lessons For the Price Of One

Let's put it this way. If you started working with me privately, our FIRST 3 MONTHS would be covering the content that I share in this course.

Rather than spending time regurgitating information. Let's save that for the good stuff.

What You'll Get


    Build the fundamental technique and actually know how to apply it to your songs


    Step by step course distilling my past 10 years of experience learning to sing


    DIY course that you can access anywhere. There's no pressure to rush through the course. And you'll have access to this for the rest of your life


    Understand what we mean by vocal colours and how this can allow you to find a sound that's unique to YOU


    Feel secure and confident with your voice whether it be live performing, recording or even singing for yourself


    Understand how to build and strengthen your voice safely across your entire range including those epic high notes.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1: Welcome/The Singer’s Mindset

    • 1.1 Welcome & Overview

    • 1.2 What Makes A Good Singer

    • 1.3 Developing the Singer’s Identity

    • 1.4 Resources/Tools

  • 2

    2: The Fundamentals Of Your Voice

    • 2.1 Redefining Fundamentals

    • 2.2 Basic Anatomy of Voice

    • 2.3 True Breath Support

    • 2.4 Breathing Support & Open Throat

    • 2.5 What is VOCAL technique? The Gentle Connection

    • 2.6 Building The Bite Of Your Voice

    • 2.7 Developing PItch

    • 2.8 How To Sing In Time

  • 3

    3: Your 15 Minute Voice Building Routine

    • 3.1 Form vs Voice Building

    • 3.2 Fundamental Routine - Overview/Rationale

    • 3.3 How To Build Your Own Scales Easily

    • 3.4 Exercise 1 - Tiny Voice

    • 3.5 Exercise 2 - The Balloon

    • 3.6 Exercise 3 - Full Voice

    • 3.7 - how to make progress in each session

    • 3.8 The Fundamental Routine [EXAMPLE]

    • 3.9 What about warming up/cooling down?

  • 4

    4: Application to Songs

    • 4.1 How do we actually sound good in a song

    • 4.2 Building Your Ear

    • 4.3 How To Actually Sound Good

    • 4.5 Upgrading your routine

    • 4.4 Finding Your Own True Voice

    • 4.6 BONUS - How To Sound Smooth

  • 5

    5: What’s Next?

    • 5.1 Rinse & Repeat + What’s Next?

    • 5.2 As a little thank you!

    • 5.3 How can we make this course better?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can ANYONE learn how to sing?

    Yes! The reality is if you enjoy listening to music and you can speak. Then you can absolutely learn how to sing. I've taught countless students who came with the exact same question. And there is not a single ONE I couldn't help improv

  • Is this only for beginners?

    I tackle this more in the course. But fundamentals does not mean BEGINNER or level one. What I consider fundamentals are ideas/techniques that are relevant to 90% of your singing. What this means is regardless of your level, this can help you improve your voice. In fact, I often find that those with more experience often need to revisit the fundamentals more

  • I don't have the time/money

    If you're reading this on a mobile/laptop. Then you absolutely have the 15 minutes and money to improve your singing. The question really is how much do you actually want it? Remember, one of the biggest obstacles to anything is ourselves and our excuses. Let's challenge this together

  • How is this course better than all the Youtube tutorials/resources out there?

    I think there's lots of great information out there on Youtube/Podcast. I mean you're probably here because you've watched/listen to some of mine. The challenge with those platforms is that they can only share one piece of the puzzle at a time. Even for me as a creator, I use it to share/document what's most important for me at THAT time. However the reality is if YOU really want to see long lasting results with your singing. You need a STEP by STEP approach. This course allows me to systemise what i've learnt in a easy to understand process that you can follow one step at a time.

  • What if I don't see results?

    30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE As long as there was a genuine attempt to complete the content/video. If you are not happy/didn't see results with the course. I will be more than happy to refund your money with no questions asked. Just email me @ singingsimplywithme@gmail.com P.s. I can see how much you've completed

Have more questions?

If you have any others question - dm me on Instagram here OR email me @ singingsimplywithme@gmail.com


Voice Teacher

Ivan Lu

Ivan is not your conventional singing teacher. He didn't have the gift. He wasn't musically talented. In fact his very first singing teacher told him to see a doctor because of how bad he was. However with a belief that anyone can learn to sing, he built his voice and confidence as a singer and is now on a mission to help others. Ivan has over 10 years in experience and was trained by various coaches including Tyler Wysong who was an ex-associate at Singing Success Studios (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus). Now he is based in Sydney Australia and has a passion for helping beginners sing with confidence.