3 Months Of Singing Lesson For The Price Of One

Let's put it this way. If you started working with me privately, our FIRST 3 MONTHS would be covering the content that I share in this course. Rather than spending time regurgitating information. Let's save time/money for the good stuff.


What if I could help you...

1. Develop the ability to sing on pitch EVEN if you feel like your tone deaf

2. Build more range and control to hit any note the way you want

3. Finally feel confident with your singing

This is entirely possible! I've not only done this for myself but helped many clients with this too



My Own Transformation



Client Wins


  • Am I Too Old For Singing?

    NEVER! I understand that it may feel too late for you. Put it this way, I've worked with clients from 6-60 years old. And there has NEVER been a voice I couldn't help improve. Don't let your excuses be your reasons!

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    Great question! I get it, family, jobs, other commitments. This will all depend on how much YOU'RE willing to commit. Don't worry though, my goal is to give you the best results in the least amount of time. On average my clients dedicate about 10-15 mins daily. Not a lot of time!

  • I'm not sure if this is for me

    No worries! I totally get it. Whenever you're doing something new, there can always be that uncertainty. What I would recommend here is ACTION precedes clarity. Just try it. If you're really unhappy with the results whether it be the course or our prviate lessons. As long as you've done the work, I will refund your money no questions asked.

  • I just want to study with you privately! Why do I need to go through the course first?

    Simple! By working through the course first, you get to absorb all the content/knowledge without me 'regurgitating' to you in our private lessons That way when you do enrol in private lessons with me - we can then focus on the important stuff i.e. troubleshooting and more nuanced work

  • How Long Does It Take To Get Better?

    I love this question! Whilst everyone is different, a lot of the transformations you've seen above are usually within the timeframe of 1-3 months. So hope that gives you an idea

  • Do I need any SINGING experience prior?

    Not at all! All of my lessons/courses are designed in a way to improve your voice regardless of your level


Voice Teacher

Ivan Lu

Ivan is not your conventional singing teacher. He didn't have the gift. He wasn't musically talented. In fact his very first singing teacher told him to see a doctor because of how bad he was. However with a belief that anyone can learn to sing, he built his voice and confidence as a singer and is now on a mission to help others. Ivan has over 10 years in experience and was trained by various coaches including Tyler Wysong who was an ex-associate at Singing Success Studios (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and Miley Cyrus). Now he is based in Sydney Australia and has a passion for helping beginners sing with confidence.