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Learn to sing

Even if you have ZERO experience

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing?

Imagine being able to sing your favourite songs.

Maybe it's finally being able to sing on pitch.

Maybe it's singing the high notes.

I know what you are going through

We often hold ourselves back because of what others tell us or what we tell ourselves.

Maybe you've been told you can't sing.

Maybe you've never believed it was something you could learn.

Maybe you do think you can sing but don't know where to start.

I believe that you can learn to sing. ANYONE CAN.

You haven't learnt to sing on pitch YET.

You just haven't learn to sing on time YET.

You just haven't developed your high notes YET.

You haven't found the right teacher to guide you YET.

Let me guide you

That's the reason behind creating this course. To share what I wish someone told me when I started my singing journey. 

Most importantly, I won't confuse you with weird terminology. Just straight, practical advice.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome (Start here)

  • 2

    Why do you sing?

    • 5 Whys

    • Mission Impossible

  • 3


    • Why should we set up our body/breath?

    • Breathing - Inhalation

    • Breathing - exhalation

    • Common tension #1 - Posture

    • Common tension #2 - Tongue

    • Common tension #3 - Jaw

    • Applying this to your voice

    • Bonus - Tongue Tension [Group Call]

  • 4


    • Why do we need to find a non-breathy sound?

    • What is a balanced sound?

    • Exercise #1 - Humming is great!

    • Exercise #2 - The Handfunnel

    • Exercise #3 - Friendly Consonants!

    • Exercise #4 - How long can you do this for?

    • Time for a challenge!

    • Bonus - Getting rid of breathiness and whisper technique [Group Class]

  • 5


    • What does singing on pitch mean?

    • Exercise 1 - Matching your 1st note

    • Exercise 2 - Why stop at one?

    • Exercise 3 - Matching your own scale

    • Hearing Challenge #1

    • Hearing Challenge #2

    • Time for a challenge!

    • How are you finding the course so far?

  • 6


    • What's rhythm?

    • Exercise - How many can you fit?

    • Exercise - Speaking through a song

    • Time for a challenge

  • 7


    • Building your own scales

    • Building your 3 part routine

  • 8


    • You're already working on your high notes!

    • Exercise #1 - Puffy Cheeks

    • Exercise #2 - Straw Phonation

    • Exercise #3 - Kickdrums

    • Exercise #4 - It's a me, MARIO!

    • Still have trouble with high notes?

    • Bonus - Group Class 14/07/21

  • 9

    Song Delivery

    • Ultimate Song Framework

    • Instant hack to better RUNS

    • MASTERCLASS: Song Delivery - Clark Beckham (American Idol Runner Up)

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I don't get better after completing the course

    If you're still hesitating. Why not test this out? If you find that this course really doesn't help you sing better even after completing all the topics. Send me a email @ I will refund the total amount back to you!

  • Does this course only work with certain styles?

    In my experience teaching singers from rock, pop, r&b to hiphop. There are slight differences between styles, but building an efficient voice is relevant for all styles. Once you have a strong foundation, then you can explore your voice stylistically.

  • Will this make me a better singer if I can already sing

    Firstly congratulations! You're already one step ahead. There's always something to learn and discover. Likewise, if you go through those the course and don't find anything useful (see my answer for the first question)

Ok got it! I want to learn to sing better