I can help you.

Looking for a professional, personalised vocal instructor that knows what you’ve been through?


Hi, I’m Ivan! A Sydney based vocal instructor looking to help you develop your best voice today.


I’ve been through it all - struggling to improve after years of practice, the sore throats after practising completely wrong. I mean everyone thought my first performance was a joke. Except it wasn’t.


And that’s when I decided no-one should ever get that treatment.


Regardless of what you’re trying to do with your voice, whether it be on a big stage, a rehearsal, or even just in your bedroom.


You have the ability to sing better. That's why I teach individuals including yourself on Skype - to reach anybody with a passion of singing and help them from the comfort of their own homes.


If you're looking to sing with confidence for your next performance, or even just grow a great skill book in a lesson today!

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